About Us...

Why Registered Texas Longhorns?

We both have loved the Longhorn cattle for as long as we both can remember but our dream didn't come true until the Winter of 2016...

Driving to work every day admiring the longhorns of our neighbor, the 507 Ranch, a sign was posted stating bulls for sale. That's how it began in December 2016, but of course, you need a longhorn cow to begin this journey. Schumacher Cattle Company sponsored a Facebook ad that had the prettiest cow, bred on the El Coyote Ranch. Vickie said, "Honey, you can buy me that cow for Christmas if you want to?" and that sealed the start. Over four years later we have almost 90 head plus a few head of commercial Maines. They say Longhorns are "addictive" and "they" would be right!

Although new to Registered Longhorns, Bill and Vickie were not new to cattle...

Bill is a native of Kingfisher, Oklahoma and had been raising full blood Maine's for show and stockers for many years as a hobby while working as a Crane Operator in construction and in the oilfield. In 1998, Bill set out on his own to raise Maine-Anjou cattle. The land he leased was near an older school called Big 4 that no longer was in operation. Bill's mom had graduated from Big 4 and school reunions for her were dear. So, he named his cattle company B4. That was the very beginning of his aspirations.

Vickie, a retired Registered Nurse of 35 plus years, grew up on the Shadbolt Box T Ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraska as a young child and adolescent before moving to the Texas Panhandle. In Nebraska, winter's meant calves in the bunkhouse and spring meant trading branding with the surrounding neighbors of nearly 10,000 baby calves by the time we were finished. In Texas, Vickie's family (her mom mostly) were entrepreneurs in hotel and restaurants. Vickie's dad also worked for the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association as a market inspector. Buying and selling cattle, care-taking of wheat pasture cattle, team roping, and working in the sale barns is where Vickie wanted to spend most of her time. Making a living, raising a family took priority and that experience of all things "cattle-related" took a seat for a couple of decades for her until she married Bill.

We are deeply respectful of the contributions of the many historical ranches have made for the resurrection of Registered Texas Longhorn breed. Owning a piece of history and embracing diversity makes us very proud to be active members of the Texas Longhorn Breeder Association of America and the International Texas Longhorn Association. Our preference of registered longhorns includes the "traditional-looking" Texas Longhorns with those gorgeous twisty horns and we also love the more "beef-type" modern take on the Texas Longhorn with the flatter, longer tip-to-tip horns. Horn types aside, our cattle over-all must have a pleasant disposition, cows must be great mommas, and all should display a beautiful array of colors. We believe there is room for more than one type of "Texas Longhorn" in this day and time. We hope our cattle have qualities that appeal to both types of enthusiasts! If you have the time, we encourage you to check out our gallery of photos and videos or even better stop by for a tour.

It's true passions never die and now all the children are grown and independent...contentedly growing older together, loving the grand-kids and raising our favorite breed of cattle is our happy place.

Thank you for spending a few minutes with us on our website! If we can ever be of service to you, please let us know.

Bill and Vickie Boyd